You need constant customers in your sales pipeline, or you don't have a business.

Don't get caught off guard by economic downturns and changes in spending patterns.

Make sure you never run out of customers with our inbound sales engine.

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Doing it yourself means time away from you.

Hiring an employee costs time and money, and may not even work out.

Instead, what if you built an inbound sales engine that drove itself?

You see, it's more than just a website.

It's social media content, paid advertising, blogging, analytics, and customer relationship management-

all rolled into one machine.

And you need someone behind the wheel to trust that can drive it.

That's where we come in.

For small businesses that need to do marketing but don't have the time or employee to do it themselves, Compass Rose provides custom marketing and sales solution services.
Unlike managing a bunch of software products yourself or handing it over to AI, our clients are paired with a real-live digital marketing account manager dedicated to driving growth for them.

All work guaranteed or your money back.

Let's build things.


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Why one hour of your time with me could be the start of the next million-dollar business.

First, we need to get one thing out of the way upfront:

I can't guarantee you a million dollars.

In case you haven't figured it out yet, life just doesn't work like that.

I can, however say that this:

This winning strategy did produce $1M annual gross sales.

For two years in a row.

And is on track for a third, too.

Right now.

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  • We'll schedule a phone call and break the ice.

    It will give us a chance to feel each other out.

    It's important we get to know one another.

    And feel comfortable communicating in order to do business together.

  • Through conversation we can discuss your goals, dreams, and obstacles.

  • I will provide feedback and my professional analysis from an internet marketing standpoint.

    Then I will propose a discovery project for us to move forward in a small but meaningful way. These discovery projects are overloaded with value to prove myself to you.

    If you agree to move forward with the discovery project, a deposit of 50% will be required to get started.

How I build six-figure sales funnels for artists and brands.

Ready to launch your business and be your own boss?

Or perhaps you have an existing business and are looking for ways to grow your revenue?

You need an experienced digital marketing freelancer with a proven track record of helping entrepreneurs, influencers, artists and brands increase traffic, leads, and revenue.

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  • - My proven search engine optimization (SEO) techniques become the core driver of free traffic to your website.

  • - Ready-to-go and tested web design around value is the reason your  visitors will return and staying longer.

  • - Integrated data analytics give us the insights to constantly assess, test, and guide your business growth strategy.

  • - Targeted advertising on social media and the web pushes a wider audience through your sales funnel to optimize conversions.

The #1 reason people fail to make money with a website.

I have failed too many times to keep track.

However, when you come across a winning strategy you start counting the wins.

Launching a business idea that attracts customers, gets leads, and closes deals at a profit is everyone's dream.

And with my winning strategy, you can live the dream too.

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  • After discovering this winning strategy to successfully launch a service business, I knew if it was really going to be a winner then it needed to work in a different business category - like e-commerce.

  • You see, a true winning strategy wins in any category.

  • So I tried it, and of course it failed at first.

    But I kept trying and making adjustments until it started winning, too.

    That's when I discovered how to make a repeatable strategy.

    This is how real gains are made.

The #1 reason people fail to make money with their website is they don't have a clear exchange of value.

Hire me to help you see clearer.

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What to expect when you hire me to help.

How working with

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